Transition Team Releases Economic Plan Impact Statement with Gender Component

The Obama-Biden transition team has released a report on their American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan that includes examination of its gender impact.

The document (see PDF) outlines the key components of the package as “substantial investments in infrastructure, education, health, and energy; …increases in food stamps and expansions of unemployment insurance; state fiscal relief designed to alleviate cuts in healthcare, education, and prevent increases in state and local taxes; business investment incentives; [and] a middle class tax cut.”

The report states that “because different groups have different representation in various industries, maintaining a range of components is important for ensuring that the benefits of job creation are spread broadly among all Americans.” It uses statistics on the percentage of women employed in industries targeted by the package to come to the conclusion that women will likely hold roughly 42% of the jobs created by the package and that including a range of components is key for ensuring that both women and men workers benefit.


The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

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