Tree Honors Clinic Bombing Victims

The family and friends of Robert Sanderson and Emily Lyons planted a tree outside the Alabama abortion clinic that was bombed in January. Sanderson was killed and Lyons was seriously injured in the blast.

The tree was planted in the crater left by the explosion. Emergency Coalition for Choice member Stephanie Everett said, “In the past 10 years, over 200 life-threatening assaults on abortion providers, escorts and clinics have occurred …. It’s time to stop the agenda of hate.”

FBI officials reported that the brother of the man wanted for the bombing amputated his own hand with a circular chain saw and videotaped the event earlier this week. Officials do not know why he did this, and the family has not issued a comment.

Call 1-888-ATF-BOMB with information regarding the bombing.

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AP - March 10, 1998

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