Trial of Alleged Clinic Bomber Delayed Until 2005

The trial of alleged abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph will be delayed until 2005. Rudolph is facing charges of the 1998 bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama women’s health clinic, which killed an off-duty police officer and severely maimed a nurse. US District Court Judge C. Lynwood Smith delayed the trial, which was scheduled to begin on August 2, to allow Rudolph’s defense team more time to prepare, according to the Birmingham News. Rudolph’s lawyers failed in their attempt to move the trial to a venue other than Birmingham, but Judge Smith will allow jurors to be drawn from a wider 31-county pool instead of just from the three counties surrounding the city, according to the Associated Press. Rudolph is also accused of bombing an Atlanta-area abortion clinic in 1997, a lesbian and gay nightclub in Atlanta, and the Atlanta Olympic Park in 1996, which killed one person and injured 111 others. Rudolph was captured last May in North Carolina after eluding authorities for five years. He was placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list in 1998 after the Birmingham clinic bombing. LEARN MORE Read in-depth coverage of the anti-abortion extremist movement in Ms. magazine JOIN the Ms. community and receive 1 year of Ms. magazine home delivery


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