Turkish Commission Trashes Pasha, Recommends Equality

A Turkish commission is recommending that laws giving men a dominant role as pasha, or commander of the family, be thrown out. The commission, led by law professor Turgut Akinturk, wants to revise Turkey’s civil code, eliminating provisions that decree the husband as the head of the family, allow men to decide were the family should live, grant men final say over the raising of the children and force women to obtain permission from their husbands before working outside the home.

The commission is also suggesting a revision of marriage laws, raising the minimum age of marriage from 14 to 18 for girls, and from 14 to 18 for boys. The commission also hopes to reform divorce laws.

The proposals must be approved by the Parliament. If approved, the old laws will be replaced by provisions emphasizing equal rights and duties of both the man and woman.


AFP - February 20, 1998

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