Two AZ Planned Parenthood Clinics Resume Abortion Services

Planned Parenthood of Arizona (PPAZ) announced that it will continue offering abortion services at two clinics near Phoenix. The clinics temporarily halted abortion services after the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled to uphold a law that only a physician can provide medical services, which took effect in August. Previously PPAZ permitted medicinal abortions to be conducted by a physician assistant and surgical abortions by a nurse practitioner.

Nevertheless, PPZA President Bryan Howard lamented the shortage of abortion clinics in rural Arizona. He stated, “That means rural Arizona women must still travel to metro Phoenix and Tucson and face significant burdens as a result. If women can find their way to us, we have staff to serve them.” Howard also noted that anti-abortion protesters have been harassing the some of the staff of PPAZ clinics at their homes.

National Partnership for Women and Families 12/19/11; AP 12/15/11

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