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Two Fraternities Refuse to Comply With UVA’s New Anti-Sexual Assault Regulations

Two fraternities at the University of Virginia have declined to sign on to new fraternity regulations put in place after a sexual assault scandal shook the campus.

via Devon Buchanan
via Devon Buchanan

The University of Virginia last week announced new regulations governing Fraternal Organizations to enhance safety on campus, and required all organizations to sign onto new regulations by Jan 16. Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Alpha Order announced they would not sign the new FOA. Both fraternities claim the university violated the original fraternity operating agreement and worry that the new rules pose a liability for their members.  They state the new regulations “set a dangerous precedent of an erosion of student and organizational rights.”

Women’s rights advocates have criticized the FOA for being too lenient and lack enforcement. “A UVA Dean has said students who have admitted guilt to committing sexual assaults have been allowed to remain on campus without suspension,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), “which also allows them to potentially continue attacks against more victims.”

The new regulations, called Fraternity Operating Agreement (FOA), were introduced by the Inter-Fraternity CouncilInter-Sorority CouncilNational Pan-Hellenic Council at UVA, and the Multicultural Greek council.  The proposed regulations include requirements to serve beer in unopened cans, only serve wine upon request and visibly at the bar by a sober brother, pre-mixed  drinks are prohibited, register fraternity functions with the Inter Fraternity Council by 11:59 p.m. on the Tuesday before an event and have a minimum of three “sober and lucid” brothers on hand wearing a designated identifier at each point of alcohol distribution and another at the stairs leading to residential rooms for all official chapter gatherings.

UVA changed their policies following a November Rolling Stone article on campus sexual assault.

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