Two Indictments in Duke Rape Case

Early today, two sophomore members of the Duke University lacrosse team were arrested on charges of rape, sexual assault and kidnapping. A grand jury indicted Reade Segilmann and Collin Finnerty yesterday, but the indictments were sealed and their identities were not known until this morning, when they appeared before a magistrate.

District Attorney Mike Nifong has said there may be a third indictment coming in relation to the alleged sexual assault of a woman hired to perform as an exotic dancer at a team party, but would not discuss evidence, according to the New York Times. The arrests were made, in part, on the basis of the alleged victim’s identification of the two men, reports the Associated Press.

Segilmann has already posted his $400,000 bond, and Finnerty is in the process of doing the same. Finnerty was previously arrested in connection with assaulting a man in Washington DC last fall, reports the New York Times. He then went through a diversionary program, which allowed the charges to be dismissed following 25 hours of community service.


Associated Press 4/18/06; New York Times 4/18/06; Washington Post 4/18/06

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