Two Male Cadets Say They Reported Hazing At Citadel

On CBS’ “60 Minutes,” to air Sunday, March 23, two male cadets at South Carolina’s the Citadel military college said that they reported incidents of hazing suffered by former cadet Jeanie Mentavlos to their tactical officer and that they were told to keep quiet about the abuses. Mentavlos and Kim Messer, two of the first four female cadets to enter the formerly all-male college, left the school at the end of the fall semester because of alleged hazing and sexual harassment. Two men in their company, Echo Company say they when they reported the repeated incidents of hazing, which included the igniting of Mentavlos’ sweatshirt, the active duty military officer told one of the cadets, “Your roommate needs to keep his mouth shut and you need to tell him to keep his mouth shut.” Both cadets say they were threatened with the loss of their Marine Corps commissions if they pursued reporting the charges. The Citadel denies their story and says the two were disciplined for failing to report the hazing. The cadets will be named on the March 23 program on which Mentavlos, her brother, Michael, and parents will appear.


The Nando Net and the Associated Press - March 21, 1997; The Washington Post - March 21, 1997

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