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Two New Telehealth Services Launch for U.S. Patients Since June

Abortion access is in crisis in nearly every state, regardless of its laws. States with abortion bans are forcing women to travel out-of-state or else carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. States affirming abortion care are absorbing unprecedented numbers of patients. As clinic wait times grow, telehealth medical abortions are an integral pillar of reproductive health care access.

Since June, two new telemed services — Telefem and Abortion Telemedicine — have been introduced for U.S. patients. They join platforms like Abortion on Demand, carafem, Hey Jane, and Choix to facilitate safe, at-home abortions. 

Abortion Telemedicine

Serving 18 states, Abortion Telemedicine provides patients with pills between two to four days after they go on the website. Prescriptions are made up to 13 weeks gestation, three weeks later than most providers’ cut-offs. 

Pregnant people who do not live in Abortion Telemedicine states can pick up their prescription to an out-of-state post office. Both in- and out-of-state deliveries are included in the $145 cost.  

Telefem (Mexico)

As U.S. laws become increasing hostile to abortion access, Mexico’s have become more expansive. They decriminalized the procedure in 2021 and a few providers have begun offering telehealth abortions.  

This week, Telefem began offering its telehealth abortion services to patients outside Mexico. It joins Aid Access as an international telemed abortion provider. Pregnant people can order their pills from home and pick them up from border sites in Mexico. While it is not required, Telefem recommends patients take the first dose of pills in Mexico, in case they are questioned about the prescription as they cross the border. 

The service costs $150 and patients can schedule appointments immediately. The abortion is often complete within a week of the first consultation. Read the Ms. interview with Telefem midwife Paula Rita Rivera here.

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