TX Senator Campaigns with Controversial Anti-Choice Slogan

Representative Steve Stockman of Texas (R) has released a controversial new bumper sticker and slogan for his re-election campaign: “If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted. Vote Pro-Life!” Stockman’s slogan gained attention when he used Twitter to publicize his new slogan last Friday on his @ReElectStockman account. His previous account, @SteveStockmanTX, has been suspended by Twitter.

Stockman refers to himself as “the most conservative congressman in Texas” and often uses shock value to create controversy surrounding his main issues of anti-choice and pro-gun legislation. In the past, he has compared President Obama to Saddam Hussein and has suggested impeachment of the president if there were executive orders made on gun control.

Media Resources: The Christian Science Monitor 4/14/13; Burnt Orange Report 4/12/2013; Huffington Post 4/12/13

1000 Words / Shutterstock.com

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