U.K. Child Pornography Ring Busted

In London and several surrounding districts, police arrested 29 men after breaking up a child pornography ring in which children were raped and sexually assaulted.

According to the Independent, police seized “65 properties in 23 police force areas in Britain…7,500 videotapes, photographs, magazines, computers, and floppy discs.”

Bob McLachlan, the head of the Pedophilia Unit, commented that “The countrywide police operation today is the result of an intelligence operation targeted at stemming the trade and the distribution of images created as a consequence of the sexual assault and rape of children.”

The investigation has been underway since last year, when a man was suspected of selling child pornography films from London. Police then set up an operation to bust an alleged group of child pornographers.

The police will continue their search to identify the children and their abusers.


The Independent - July 8, 1999

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