U.N. Security Council Sends Warning to Taliban Leaders

The Taliban’s actions to protect suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden and human rights violations were denounced by the U.N. Security Council Tuesday with a warning to Afghanistan’s strict militia.

The council advised Taliban leaders that they must stop their military campaign against ethnic rivals in Northern Afghanistan, or suffer unspecified consequences.

“Afghanistan-based terrorism has become a plague. Terrorists trained or based in Afghanistan have been responsible for incidents in all corners of the globe. This was brought home to us tragically by the bombing of our embassies,” said U.S. envoy Nancy Soderberg referring to the August bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The Security Council also condemned the Taliban’s violations of human rights, links to drug trafficking, and obstruction of international aid delivery.

A recommendation was made to form a civilian affairs unit to observe the Taliban’ sanctions in Afghanistan and urge the regard of at least minimum human rights standards.


AP - December 8, 1998

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