U of Georgia Will Refer Students to Abortion Pill Provider

The Atlanta Women’s Medical Center (AWMC), one of the two Atlanta abortion clinics that serve the University of Georgia (UGA) will begin offering the abortion pill (Mifeprex/RU486) by the end of 2001. The student health clinic at UGA that makes referrals to the AWMC said that they will reassess the clinic in light of the new service, but they expect to continue referring students after the abortion pill is made available. The change makes UGA one of only a handful of universities offering students access to a medical abortion option since the FDA approved Mifeprex almost one year ago. The second clinic that serves UGA, the Northside Women’s Clinic, will not offer abortion pill because they are a walk-in clinic and cannot provide the follow-up required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Times Union - August 28, 2001

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