U.S. Airways Corp. Settles Unequal Compensation Case

The U.S. Department of Labor ordered U.S. Airways Corp. to pay close to $400,000 to 30 women in management and professional positions within the company in an Equal Opportunity Settlement issued Wednesday.

The settlement amount represents back-pay owed to women, based on a glass ceiling review on the company which revealed unequal salaries between men and women executives.

“The glass ceiling impedes women in corporate America,” stated Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman. “Through our corporate reviews we are working to shatter the nearly invisible barriers so that women may compete fairly for all jobs, including executive positions.”

U.S. Airways will now be required to standardize initial salaries and pay increases. Managers within the company will also be required to attend a training session on the new guidelines if they have any authority over pay decisions.

“This corporate management review of U.S. Airways is another example of the need to remove the barriers that prevent qualified women from achieving their full economic potential,” said Shirley Wilcher, head of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). “I am pleased this company has worked promptly to resolve salary discrepancies and is working to prevent any recurring discrimination.”


U.S. News Wire - December 2, 1998

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