U.S. Anti-Abortion Extremists Bring Violent Tactics to Britain

The Army of God, a clandestine network of anti-abortion extremists based in the U.S., sent a threatening letter to a British law firm, George Green & Co., whose clients include a women’s reproductive healthcare clinic that provides abortion services in England. The letter read, “George Green SolicitorsÉare acting for baby killers.

George Green staff are now legitimate targets. Army of God.” Included with the letter was an Army of God newsletter detailing a bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama clinic. The newsletter also contained many references to the “war” being waged in the U.S. Local police have been notified of the threat. George Green & Co. had represented a clinic manager who demanded that personal information about her be removed from an anti-abortion website run by UK Life League. Last year, UK Life League posted another clinic director’s personal information on its website. Within one week, this information was also posted to the Nuremberg Files website, a virtual “hit list” of targeted abortion providers, clinic staff, and others, run by U.S. anti-abortion extremist and Army of God member Neal Horsley.

The Army of God has been tied to the two rounds of over 500 anthrax threats letters directed at health clinics and reproductive rights advocacy organizations throughout the U.S. All of the letters were signed by the Army of God, which has also claimed responsibility for numerous bombings and arsons in the U.S.

For more on anti-abortion extremist violence, see the Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Clinic Access Project.


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