U.S. First Lady Praises African Women, Ban of FGM in Ghana

Hillary Rodham Clinton called for equal opportunities for women and praised the nation of Ghana for prohibiting female genital mutilation (FGM) in a speech at a Ghanaian day-care center today. Rodham Clinton said that women need greater access to education and the law. “…We empower women to make the right choices for themselves. … too many women are treated as children under the laws of their own nation,” she said.

Rodham Clinton commented on the roles that women in Africa play, “I have seen women building with their own hands their own homes. I have seen women working against diseases that are ravaging the children of your continent.”

She also spoke of the ban on FGM. “I want to congratulate this nation for your leadership, not only by passing a law outlawing this practice but by making sure this law changes hearts and minds so that individuals understand what the law means and why it should be enforced in every village,” she said.

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AP - March 23, 1998

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