U.S. Military Sexual Harassment Charges Surface in Germany

Three male U.S. Army instructors at the Darmstadt, Germany training center have been relieved of their duties because of allegations made by 11 female soldiers that the instructors sexually assaulted and harassed them. Allegations also include forcible sodomy, indecent assault, and cruelty and maltreatment of a subordinate. Two of the instructors were placed into custody February 7 for allegedly contacting a victim and attempting to influence her testimony. Personnel from the Army Criminal Investigative Division, which questioned about 70 people in the investigation, said, “The remaining suspect has been ordered by his chain of command not to contact any victim or witness.”

Earlier this week, the Army’s top enlisted man, Sergeant Major Gene McKinney, was suspended from duty pending an resolution of an investigation into allegations that he sexually harassed at least two women.


USA Today - February 13, 1997; Reuters - February 12, 1997

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