U.S. Officials Visit Afghanistan to Assess Humanitarian Need

Breaking from its ban prohibiting officials from traveling to Afghanistan, the U.S. sent three representatives, two from the State Department’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and one from the U.S. Embassy, on a humanitarian mission to Afghanistan to view the devastation, starvation and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The three are traveling with the World Food Programme, assessing the humanitarian need caused by the brutal warring brought on by the terrorist Taliban regime. The U.S. has provided 75,000 tons of food to Afghan refugeesÑnearly two thirds of all the food given to Afghanistan refugees, but this amount is not enough to feed the 170,000 refugees who are starving and dying in camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In addition to the Taliban’s human rights violations and gender apartheid imposed on the women of Afghanistan, the country is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years. Thousands of refugees have sought aid in neighboring Pakistan, but the government of Pakistan prohibited aid to one refugee campÑJalozaiÑas a warning to the throngs of people flooding the border that Pakistan will not support more refugees, and only relented last week to allow some aid.

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Associated Press - April 18, 2001

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