U.S. Workers Desire Greater Job Flexibility

A new “Work Trends” survey indicates that, while Americans understand the important of balance their work and personal lives, few feel that they are succeeding.

A nation-wide poll of 1,000 adults said that job flexibility is more important to them than job security, the quality of a working environment, or relationships with co-workers and bosses. Ninety-seven percent said that the ability to balance work and family was “extremely important,” in determining whether or not they would take or remain in a given job.

Ninety-five percent of survey respondents said that need more time to spend with their families. Ninety-two percent said that they are concerned about having a flexible work schedule that allows them to take care of family obligations.

Another key finding was that a large majority (87%) of respondents are concerned with getting enough sleep. Sixty percent indicated that they were either “very” or “extremely” concerned about the amount of sleep they get.

Fifty-nine percent of workers said that they were would telecommute if given the chance, despite their concern that off-site work would limit their chances for promotion. Forty-six percent said that they are more productive at home than they were in the workplace. Ninety-percent of telecommuters said that at-home work helped them to better achieve their goal of spending more time with their families.

Results from the recent report, “Work Trends: America’s Attitudes About Work, Employers, and Government,” were based on data gathered in February. “Work Trends” studies are conducted quarterly by Rutgers University’s Heldrich Center for Workforce Development and the University of Connecticut’s Center for Survey Research and Analysis.


U.S. Newswire - March 18, 1999

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