UC Santa Barbara Creates Graduate Programs in Feminist Studies

A graduate program that will offer Master of Arts and doctoral degrees in feminist studies at the University of California Santa Barbara has been approved. The women’s studies department has also been renamed and will now be called the Department of Feminist Studies.

The first cohort to begin the new MA/PhD program will begin in fall 2009. The program has three areas of focus: race and nation, genders and sexualities, and productive and reproductive labors.

In regards to renaming the department, Eileen Boris, Hull Professor and chair of feminist studies told the UC Santa Barbara 93106 that “we offer a critical lens into understanding the social, economic, and political life of women and men, and apply a feminist perspective…It’s a broadening of women’s studies. We don’t want to argue over which bodies are included in our field of study, we want to generate new ways of analyzing the world through diverse feminist perspectives.”


UC Santa Barbara Department of Feminist Studies; UC Santa Barbara 93106 9/22/08

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