Ultrasound Requirement Approved by KY Senate Committee

A Kentucky state Senate judiciary committee voted unanimously yesterday in favor of a bill that would require women who are seeking an abortion to have and view an ultrasound prior to the procedure. The bill, introduced by state Senator Elizabeth Tori (R), also requires patients to meet with a doctor 24 hours prior to the procedure and doctors to describe details of the ultrasound images. Kentucky ACLU Director Derek Sleznick told WKYT News that “this law does not protect women. It creates more burdens for low income women, further creating an unequal health care system for those who have and those who do not.” Executive director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky Robert Castagna argued that “good public policy demands that before a woman gives truly informed consent…she should be fully informed by the most complete and current information,” reported United Press International. Tori introduced a similar, but less restrictive bill, last year. Similar bills have previously passed the state Senate, but have died in the Democrat-controlled state House, according to Courier Journal.


WKYT News 1/14/10; Courier Journal 1/14/10; United Press International 1/14/10

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