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UN Chief: “We Will Defend the Rights of Afghan Women and Girls”

On Saturday, Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres tweeted that “in Afghanistan, the UN is staying and delivering, and will continue to promote and defend the rights of women and girls. We will not stop until girls can go back to school, and women can return to their jobs and participate in public life.”

Since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan on August 15, a majority of women employees have lost their jobs and have been asked to stay at home “for their own safety.” Afghanistan’s public universities and most of the country’s public schools above grade six are closed to women and girls.

In his recent statement, Guterres said that he was always “deeply moved by the courage, resilience, and determination of Afghan women and girls,” and he urged the Taliban to keep their promises to women and girls and fulfill their obligations under the international human rights and humanitarian law. “Broken promises lead to broken dreams for the women and girls of Afghanistan”, he stated. “Women and girls need to be the center of attention”. 

Source: UN News 10/11/21

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