UN Human Rights Expert Condemns Taliban Atrocities

Kamal Hossain, special rapporteur of the UN High Commission on Human Rights, has urged US policy makers to approach the Afghanistan issue with a “comprehensive” approach rather than focusing simply on bin Laden. He suggested a peace process framework that focuses on human rights and allows the general population to participate in the rebuilding of the country. Hossain points out in his report presented to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, “An aspect of the recently resumed conflict to which attention needs to be drawn is the reportedly widespread deployment of non-Afghan-national combatants, many from neighboring countries, who have demonstrated a propensity for committing atrocities against civilians.” The special rapporteur reports that, “Grave breaches of humanitarian law have occurred in the course of the recently resumed conflict, which continues.” Hossain points to violations that include “destruction of homes and sources of livelihood, and abduction of and violence against women.” The Feminist Majority Foundation has appealed to the United States government and to the United Nations not to recognize the Taliban unless the human rights of women and girls are fully and permanently restored.


AP - November 5, 1999

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