UN Negotiator, Afghan Minister Hold Press Conference

Mr. Martin Griffiths, head of the U.N.’s negotiating team, and Afghanistan’s Acting Minister of Planning, H.E. Maulvi Qari Din Mohammad, recently held a joint press conference in Kabul to discuss their recent 10-day period of negotiations.

The two discussed the immunities and privileges of U.N. staff, women’s access to healthcare and education, employment of international Muslim women, and the areas of Afghanistan that are currently plagued by fighting, including Bamiyan.

Mohammad and Griffiths both agreed that they would seek to maintain good relationships between the U.N., Afghanistan officials, and organizations providing aid to the region. Mohammed stated that women’s access to education is an Islamic issue that could be made only by the group of religious scholars appointed by both sides. Mohammed denied that the Taliban blocked the Bamiyan area off from U.N. and relief workers, claiming that a main road from Mazar-i-Sharif provides open access to the area.

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UNOCHA - May 14, 1998

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