UN Requests More AIDS Protection for Women

The United Nations AIDS agency (UNAIDS) requested more research be conducted to find a vaginal cream or gel that would aid in protecting women from contracting HIV and AIDS.

Currently, 23 various microbicide products are being tested for AIDS protection, but none have been proven to work effectively. In a trial of a gel UNAIDS funded over the past three years in Thailand, the Ivory Coast, and South Africa, data collected proved inconclusive.

In order for women to have more control in protecting themselves against this disease, the UN is focusing on spreading the use of female condoms while new products are being tested. The executive Director of UNAIDS commented that “There is an urgent need for more methods to prevent HIV infection, especially those that put women in control.”

Of the 32.2 million adults with HIV/AIDS worldwide, women account for 43% of those infected–an 18% increase from 1992. In recent years, AIDS has become the fourth biggest global killer.

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Reuters - June 22, 1999

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