UN to Increase Appeal for Aid to Afghanistan

The United Nations (UN) has decided to revise it’s appeal for 2001 far beyond the $250 million it earlier requested to aid the hundreds of thousands of starving, displaced people in Afghanistan after examining the country’s current humanitarian crisis.

The original $250 million appeal was mainly for programs within Afghanistan and did not include funds to alleviate the suffering of Afghan refugees who have fled to Pakistan and are living in desperate conditions. The UN has only received 15% of the funds and aid requested, and the situation in Afghanistan is worsening daily. At least 700,000 Afghans are displaced–the highest rate of population displacement in the world. People are fleeing their homes to escape the drought, fighting, and the brutal terrorist Taliban regime. People have also left their home in search of aid in refugee camps in neighboring Pakistan–some campus receive up to 2,000 new refugees every day, and cannot support the influx.

The worst drought in 20 years has nearly killed crop production, and this year’s dim prospects for harvest could mean an even worse situation in the future. Over 10 million people–half of Afghanistan’s 21 million-person population–have been affected by the drought. The World Food Programme projects 3 million people are completely depended on food assistance.

Take Action today to save the lives of women and girls! Demand that the United States stop ignoring the brutality, starvation and death occurring in Afghanistan. Urge immediate emergency funds to help the millions of Afghan refugees.

Demand Immediate Emergency Assistance for Afghan Refugees!


BBC - April 25, 2001; Reuters - April 25, 2001

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