UNICEF Condemns Women’s Employment Ban In Sudan

Deputy Director of UNICEF Karin Sham Poo condemned the decree barring women from working in public places. “I feel that is of course extremely unfortunate that the governor of Khartoum has issued this decree. Many of these working women simply have no other options,” adds Sham Poo. The decree was issued just days after Sham Poo visited Sudan to urge their ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). At the start of this week Majzoub Khalifa, governor of Khartoum State, declared that women were no longer allowed to work jobs where they came into contact with men. The directive, which is defended by Sudan’s government as upholding Islamic Sharia law, bars women from working at gas stations, hotel rooms, restaurants, and other public places with an exception that allows service to “family members” inside hotels, restaurants or cafeterias.


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