United Nations Releases LGBT Rights Publication

Yesterday the United Nations released “Born Free and Equal,” a 60-page booklet detailing the basic legal rights States must provide LGBT individuals. In the pamphlet[PDF], the U.N. details five strategic areas to improve the condition of LGBT individuals: Protect LGBT people from violence, Prevent torture and inhumane treatment of detained LGBT individuals, Repeal laws criminalizing homosexuality, and Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, Protect LGBT freedom of expression.

Some key policies the United Nations believes are necessary for LGBT individuals:
– Provide appropriate training for law enforcement for handling cases involving LGBT individuals and monitored detention areas
– Recognize a person’s sexual orientation is subject to the persecution that may require asylum
– Provide education about LGBT individuals and intersex individuals to reduce stigmatization.

In the foreword of “Born Free and Equal,” Navi Pillay United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated “For all the difficulties, this is a time of hope: an increasing number of States now recognize the gravity of the problem and the need for action. With commitment and the combined efforts of States and civil society, I am confident that we will see the principles of equality and non-discrimination translated into reality for millions of LGBT people around the world.”


Born Free and Equal 9/17/12; ILGA 9/17/12; ThinkProgress 9/17/12

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