University in Pakistan Welcomes Afghan Women Refugees

A school for Afghan refugees has been established in the border city of Peshawar, Pakistan, and will offer 2,000 young women the opportunity to study and learn.

The school, which has about 5,000 students in all, was funded by the Pakistani government and will be affiliated with Kabul University. The school’s faculty will offer instruction in medicine and education and will follow strict Islamic traditions that mandate separate training for women and men.

Despite this limitation, the opening of the new school is excellent news for Afghan women refugees, who have been denied nearly all access to education in their home country. “The establishment of this university once again opened the world of education for Afghan girls, and we are very happy today,” said Malaly Saleemi, who directs the medical faculty within the young women’s campus.

Approximately 1.5 million Afghan refugees are currently living in Pakistan.


AP - April 5, 1999

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