University of Chicago Survey: Increase in women and minorities earning doctorates

A University of Chicago survey released Tuesday finds that women and minorities are earning Ph.D.s in growing numbers. The survey of 382 universities nationwide found that 41 percent of all Ph.D recipients in 1997 were women—up from just 12 percent in 1967. The survey found that the number of minorities earning Ph.D.s almost doubled between 1987 and 1997, to about 9 percent of the total doctorates granted. Upon release of the survey, sociology professor, Alexandra Hrycak, at Reed College commented, “We’re the beneficiaries of the women’s movement.”

However, progress still remains to be made. Bernard Milano, executive director of the KPMG Foundation says that, of roughly 1200 people seeking Ph.D.s in business, no more than 40 are black or Hispanic, which he says is “still a very small number.”


CNN - November 4, 1999

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