University of Michigan Affirmative Action Programs Challenged

The organization responsible for ending affirmative action at the University of Texas, causing a steep decline in minority enrollment, is now attacking the University of Michigan for policies that doubled its minority population in the past decade.

The Center for Individual Rights filed a class-action lawsuit against the highly competitive school for denying admission to two white students, saying the university violated civil rights laws. They claim the school’s affirmative action policies discriminate against white students and favor unqualified blacks and Hispanics.

Confidential admissions policy guidelines released under the Freedom of Information Act show standardized test scores and grades being applied differently to non-whites. University president Lee Bollinger said the guidelines are one set among many, and not rigid.

“For almost 200 years, public universities have unlocked the doors to social and economic opportunity to students from many different backgrounds. We believe it is absolutely essential to do so,” Bollinger said.


AP - October 15, 1997

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