Unocal May Rejoin Pipeline Project

Pakistan’s petroleum secretary Dr. Gulfraz Ahmad reported that U.S.-based Unocal may rejoin Centgas, a consortium of gas and oil companies that planned to build a 2-billion-dollar gas pipeline from Turkeministan through Afghanistan and ending in Multan, Pakistan.

Ahmad said on Saturday, “The Unocal is showing its interest to re-joining the Centgas consortium as the situation in Afghanistan is gradually improving….Since the Americans are again showing interest, the gas pipeline project is likely to be through soon.” Ahmad also stated that officials from Pakistan, Turkeministan and Afghanistan plan to meet soon to discuss the gas pipeline.

Ahmad also reported that Unocal authorities had resumed contact with Taliban officials, and added that, even if Unocal were to stick to its claim that it has “abandoned” the project, Argentina-based Bridas would jump to take Unocal’s place.


Dawn - February 6, 1999

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