Update: 45 Companies Pull Ads from Limbaugh Show

The number of advertisers dropping the Rush Limbaugh show continues to grow, with 45 total refusing to advertise on the show. Most recently Cunningham Security, RSVP Discount Beverage, Regal Assets, Norway Savings Bank, and Portland Ovations pulled their ads after Limbaugh repeatedly attacked Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law School student who was not allowed to testify at a House Committee hearing on the religious exemption on contraception.

On Tuesday, Limbaugh also verbally attacked Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating, saying, “all these young single white women [are] overeducated” – but not necessarily intelligent!” Limbaugh has also sharply criticized Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, one of the first same sex couples to marry in California. Limbaugh, who has been married four times himself, stated, “Did you see that the poster couple for gay marriage in California are getting a divorce? You see that? It’s true. It’s two women, they were among the first 14 same-sex couples who got married on the day the ban was lifted in California back in June of 2008.”

The Feminist Majority Foundation, the National Organization for Women (NOW), and a whole host of women’s groups together with Think Progress and Media Matters have rallied in support of Sandra Fluke. Tens of thousands of supporters of women’s healthcare have bombarded advertisers with emails and phone calls, urging the cancellation of ads. The internet is on fire with thousands of supporters tweeting, blogging, and Facebooking in support of campaigns to #FlushRushNow. See the Feminist Majority Foundation Campus blog for an updated list of current advertisers who have not yet pulled their ads for the Rush Limbaugh show.

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