Urgent Notice: Would-Be Assassin Escapes Jail, Abortion Clinics Nationwide on Alert

Would-be assassin Clayton Lee Waagner escaped an Illinois jail and is now traveling in a stolen vehicle. At the time of the theft, Waagner was wearing brown overalls, a white insulated shirt and a baseball cap. He is approximately 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, and has green eyes, brown hair and a scar on his right knee. He was last seen driving a stolen 1993 Ford F-150 truck, two-tone gray color, with Illinois license plate 607 XJ. (Please see photos of Waagner below)

Waagner was being held in a DeWitt County jail awaiting sentencing on federal charges of possession of firearms and possession of a stolen vehicle with a possible 15 year sentence. Waagner conducted surveillance at reproductive health care clinics in Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Delaware, New Jersey and Massachusetts. At the time of his trial, he testified that he was on his way to Seattle, Washington, where he planned to execute an abortion doctor. The U.S. Marshal’s Service announced Saturday that a federal judge has issued a warrant for Waagner on federal escape charges.


Associated Press Ð February 26, 2001 and Feminist Majority Foundation

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