Uruguay Congress Faces Vote to Legalize Abortion

The Chamber of Deputies of Uruguay will vote today on a measure that could legalize first trimester abortion. The measure has already passed in the Uruguayan Senate.

The measure would legalize abortions under 12 weeks and 1 day in gestation. However, the measure also requires a five-day waiting period for women seeking an abortion as well as permission from the father. In addition, a woman would also be required to meet with a team of at least three medical professionals who must inform her of the risks associated with an abortion procedure as well as adoption and maternity leave programs.

Neither anti-choice nor pro-choice groups approve [Spanish] of the measure. Anti-choice organizations have argued against any legalization of abortion, while pro-choice organizations are outraged over the requirements a woman must go through in order to get an abortion under the proposed law.

Currently, Cuba is the only country in Latin America where abortion is legal. In Uruguay, abortion is only available in the case of severe fetal deformations and rape up to 14 weeks gestation.

Media Resources: El Universal [Spanish] 9/25/12; Huffington post 9/25/12

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