US Fails to Support Two Vital International Women’s Platforms

This week, the United States took a stance against two important international women’s platforms. Firstly, the United States was the only country to cast a “no” vote to reaffirm United Nations family planning convention at the International Conference on Population and Development Latin American and Caribbean regional meeting in Santiago, Chile. Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) asserted that “once again, this Administration is all alone in its opposition to an international plan that would create healthier women and healthier societies…what a way for this Administration to commemorate International Women’s Day.”

Earlier this week at the 48th Session of the Commission of the Status of Women, the US voted against a resolution to release women and children hostages because it contained language on reaffirming the Beijing Platform due to concern about abortion language. It was the only country that voted against the Platform.

Also this week several members of Congress wrote a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell urging that the Administration “recognize the important role that the United States plays in the review and reappraisal of work that has gone on in the 10 years since the Cairo conference…[and to] reorient and reinvigorate US diplomacy, and advance policies and programs grounded in sound public health practices.”

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Feminist News 3/8/04; Representative Maloney Press Release 3/10/04

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