US Naval Academy: Midshipmen Face Rape Charges

Vice Admiral Charles Moore, acting superintendent of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, issued a decision last week to court-martial a fourth-year midshipman, charged with raping a first-year student, reported the Associated Press. Midshipman Robert Curcio, 23, allegedly raped the woman in his room last November. However, his attorney denies any sexual intercourse. A trial date has not been set. Meanwhile, an Article 32 (military pre-trial) hearing was held last month for two second-year academy midshipmen accused of raping two female classmates during a spring-break trip in May 2002. The case against Eric Bailey, 23, and Todd Thurston, 20, could go to a court-martial, an administrative proceeding, or be dropped, according to the New York Times.

The US Air Force Academy continues to struggle amidst the ongoing rape scandal. Last week, Douglas Meester, 20, submitted his request to Air Force Secretary James Roche, seeking permission to resign from the academy rather than stand trial for raping a female cadet last October. In the last two years, Roche has approved resignation requests from eight Air Force members facing court-martials, according to the AP.

The Air Force Academy also held an Article 32 hearing this week for Lt. Ronen M. Segal, a 2002 graduate and employee of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, who is charged with raping a female cadet last August. The woman who was 18 at the time, testified that upon speaking with a clinic military chaplain the day after, “The chaplain said the situation was primarily my fault because I had gone there on my free will… And I would have to come to grips with that,” reported the Denver Post.

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