USC FMLAs Organize Faces of Feminist Concert and Party

USC FMLAs Organize Faces of Feminist Concert and Party to Empower Campus on Positive Image of Feminism In an effort to promote a diverse and supportive perspective on feminism and to debunk feminist stereotypes, the USC Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance is organizing a “Faces of Feminism Concert and Party.”

The event will include the finished display of their semester-long “Faces of Feminism” project, which demonstrates the diversity of support for feminism through a collage of photos of students who showed support for social, political and economic equality between women and men. The display also features statements written by students who were asked to finish the sentence “I’m a Feminist becauseÉ” The event will take place on Wednesday, April 7th at a caf on campus, and will feature live music and a free pasta and pizza dinner. According to USC FMLA Events Director Olivia Gimeno, “The sharing of food and art should create a night of empowerment and stand as a challenge to those who wish to take away the rights of women.”

The FMLA will also collect donations during the event to support their delegation’s participation in the March for Women’s Lives on April 25th, 2004 in Washington, D.C.

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