VA Abortion Rights Protestors Arrested

On Saturday, Virginia Capitol Police arrested 31 people, 17 women and 14 men, who were protesting an ultrasound bill at the state Capitol in Richmond. The protestors were among some 1,000 people gathered in opposition to the measure. Although the protestors had a permit to conduct the rally in Capitol Square, Virginia Capitol Police Captian Raymond Goodloe indicated that the protesters could not gather on the Capitol steps.

The ultrasound bill passed the Virginia General Assembly after Republican Governor Bob McDonnell submitted an amendment to the bill requiring that women undergo an external, transabdominal ultrasound, as opposed to a transvaginal ultrasound, as originally stated in the bill. Governor McDonnell is expected to sign the bill into law.

Although McDonnell initially pledged his unconditional support of the transvaginal ultrasound bill, he revised his position earlier this week, saying that he would need to review the bill before signing it. The Governor claimed that he only recently learned about the invasiveness of a transvaginal ultrasound, which requires a probe being inserted into the vagina.


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