VA Public Hearing on TRAP Laws

Over 50 individuals gathered yesterday in Alexandria, Virginia to speak on strict TRAP regulation signed by Governor McDonnell.

In a meeting room that was filled to standing room only, pro-choice activists argued to reject harsh regulations that could force abortion providers in Virginia to meet the building codes of new hospitals or face closure.

Among Virginia residents, state Senator Barbara Favola addressed the room “The costs associated with meeting the building requirements of the proposed TRAP regulations will be so prohibitive –clinics will be forced to close. Women in many parts of the State will be denied access to basic primary and preventive care. Women will also be denied access to safe and affordable abortions, forcing many to seek back alley procedures that could physically harm them for a lifetime. If we care about improved health outcomes for women and children and if we care about lowering abortion rates, then women need access to the entire range of reproductive health services offered by these centers.”

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