Vancouver Investigation Continues as Anti-Abortion Extremists Spread Hatred

Just over a week since an unidentified assailant stabbed Dr. Garson Romalis outside his Vancouver medical office, investigators continue their search for the man responsible for the second attack on the abortion provider. While most Canadian anti-abortion groups have denounced the attack on Dr. Romalis, two prominent American anti-abortion extremists have issued inflammatory statements regarding the use of violence against abortion providers. Donald Spitz of Pro-Life Virginia said, “God bless the Baby Liberation Army in its fight to save innocent babies from babykilling abortionists.” And convicted arsonist Joshua Graff said, “While some so-called pro-lifers are praying that ƒ Romalis in Vancouver recovers from a stabbing attack last week, I have to admit I am praying he suffer severe and deadly complications if he does not repent.” British Columbia’s premier, Ujjal Dosanjh, has offered abortion providers $250,000 for added security measures stating, “The government has an obligation to ensure that both the abortion providers and the recipients are able to both provide and receive this service under safe circumstances.” Authorities have now released a composite sketch of the assailant. He is a white male believed to be in his 20s and is described as clean-shaven with a dark complexion, dark hair, and thin build. He was wearing dark jeans and a dark, hooded sweatshirt at the time of the attack. Witnesses have reported seeing the suspect near the clinic before the attack. Vancouver Police ask anyone with information about this person or incident to please call 604-717-2511 or 604-717-2519.


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