Vandalized Florida Clinics Reopen Monday

Three Central Florida abortion clinics opened their doors Monday after vandals poured acid inside the clinics this weekend. Directors of the clinics pledged to keep their doors open.

Authorities believe that anti-abortion vandals used butyric acid in the attacks. Butyric acid has been linked to 79 incidents of vandalism leading to $863,000 in damages since 1992, according to the National Abortion Federation. The acid smells like vomit, is combustible and has been known to cause respiratory problems. No one was injured in the recent attacks, which took place either late Friday or early Saturday when the clinics were closed.

Tammy Sobieski, owner of the Women’s Health Center, said that many people have called to offer moral support or to donate supplies and money for repairs. “This is really just terrorism. We’ve been here for 21 years and people should be outraged that this is happening in their back yard,” she said.

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Orlando Sentinel - May 19, 1998

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