VMI Commission Sets Rules for Integrating Students

A 106 member-panel of the Virginia Military Institute, charged with paving the way for the traditionally all-male school to admit women, has backtracked on earlier school statements that no standards for cadets will change. The Commission has announced that the school may modify the traditional buzz cuts for cadets, eliminating military slang words considered offensive to women, and implementing a strict policy against sexual harassment. Construction will also begin on separate bathing and toilet facilities for women, outdoor lighting and safety telephones to increase security and modified academic and athletic buildings.

Four women have already been admitted through an early admittance program. Thirteen other female applicants are also expected to gain admittance. Assistant Director of Admissions Terri Reddings commented that the class standing and grade point averages of female candidates are, “every bit as good as the men’s and maybe a little better.”


The Washington Post - December 11, 1996

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