Voters Say Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights Will Determine Their Choice for Pres.

A majority of both men and women in America think that Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush are not spending adequate time addressing their positions on women’s health care policy issues, according to a recent survey of over 1,000 voting-age individuals by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Self magazine. Voters want the candidates to focus more attention on abortion, contraception, improved access to ob/gyn care, and other issues affecting women’s health and reproductive care. 45% of women and 43% of men say they will prioritize abortion rights when going to the polls. Overall, 42% of respondents say Gore would do better than Bush on women’s health issues, compared with 31% who said Bush would perform better. Among women, 40% believe Gore will do the better job, and 28% said Bush.


Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report and Reuters Health News _ August 24, 2000 and ñA National Survey on WomenÍs Health Policy Priorities & Election 2000,î Kaiser Family Foundation and Self magazine _ August 2000

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