Walmart Employees Strike in 12 States

Yesterday morning, Walmart employees in in 12 states walked off the job in protest. The protestors are seeking better working conditions and wages. This is the second time in Walmart’s history that employees in multiple stores are striking at the same time. The first time Walmart experienced simultaneous strikes at multiple stores was last Thursday, when Walmart workers from stores in Southern California striked.

The strike has spread to 28 stores. Workers are also threatening to strike on Black Friday, the busiest retail day of the year. In response to Walmart’s treatment of workers, Dan Schlademan, the director of the union-backed Making Change at Walmart campaign, said that the leaders of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart “have engaged in a strike to protest Walmart’s retaliation and to send a message to Wal-Mart and their co-workers that they have a right to speak out.”

Last week, current employees of Walmart’s Tennesee stores announced a class-action lawsuit against the corporation on grounds of sex discrimination. The Tennessee suit, Phipps, et al. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is similar to two other local class action gender discrimination cases filed recently against the retail company in California and Texas.

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