We Won Wichita: Feminist Majority Helps Protect Clinic and Demonstrate for Choice

Despite soaring temperatures, hundreds of pro-choice activists rallied around Dr. George Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas every day this past week, ensuring their voices would be heard against the anti-choice group Operation Save America’s “Summer of Mercy” campaign.

Pro-choice demonstrators, organized by the Feminist Majority, helped Tiller’s clinic remain open throughout the week. With the cooperation of law enforcement officials, the clinic still maintained its regular hours and all patients were able to get in. There was “a lot of pushing and shoving” according to Feminist Majority coordinator Susie Gilligan. Two anti-abortion protesters were also arrested and charged with obstruction after praying in the street on Saturday morning.

Operation Save America’s “Summer of Mercy” marked the 10th anniversary of a six week-long siege by Operation Rescue that closed Tiller’s clinic in 1992 and led to 2,700 arrests.


AP www.infobeat.com - July 23, 2001, Feminist Majority

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