Wellesley Trains Women for Top-level Executive Positions

Wellesley has produced more top-level executive women than any other college, large or small. Seventy-five corporations recruit on its campus every year and strong networking amongt alumnae and students helps women gain entry into the nation’s top firms. Of Fortune 500 companies, seventeen female directors graduated from Wellesley. And, of female senior executives, 1.8% graduated from Wellesley. A strong economics department also ensures that Wellesley women are overrepresented at the best business schools, such as Harvard’s.

Some prominent Wellesley alumnae include: Laurel Cutler, the Vice-Chair of FCB/Leber-Katz; Lois Juliber, the President of Colgate North Ameirca; Jeanette Loeb, a partner at Golden, Sachs & Company; Ellen R. Marram, the President of Seagram Beverage group. Other Wellesley gradautes in senior business posts include: Ilene Beal, Executive Vice-President of BayBanks; Karen Crider, General Counsel of Stride Rite; and Nancy Lampton, Chief Executive of American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky.


Source: The New York Times - October 29, 1995, Money & Business page 1

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