White House Seeks $100M to Fight AIDS in Africa

Vice President Gore announced on Monday that the White House seeks to grant $100 million in funding to AIDS programs in Africa. This is in addition to the $127 million already requested and pending approval by Congress.

The money would go towards developing programs for AIDS prevention, education, and tracking the disease. Money would also be allocated for helping children whose parents have died from AIDS, for clinic support, and to reduce mother-to-child transmissions. More than 12 million Africans have died from AIDS, and by the year 2005, the daily death rate from this disease is expected reach 13,000.

In support of the budget request, Gore stated, “This is one of the largest health crises in the history of the world. We have the knowledge, the care, the compassion and the moral duty to make a difference. We will keep this promise to wage a wider war against this disease.”


Nando Times and Reuters - July 19, 1999

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