WI Governor Recall Petitioning Begins Next Month, Faces Setbacks

Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate announced Monday that petitioning in favor of a recall election for their Governor Rick Scott would begin on November 15. The move comes after Governor Scott was elected in November 2010 and came under heavy scrutiny for anti-labor rights laws he supported earlier this year. According to the Government Accountability Board (GAB), the state agency which oversees elections in Wisconsin, recall supporters will have until January 17 to collect 540,000 signatures in support of the measure.If these signatures are obtained, an election would be held sometime in Spring 2012.

Last week, state elections officials retreated from a plan that would have allowed residents of Wisconsin to download petitions supporting the recall from the Internet. Wisconsin Republicans came out against the new rule saying that this method would reshape the recall process. The GAB was also considering a rule that would have allowed stickers to be produced for Wisconsin students to make their school identification cards acceptable for newly enacted voter identification standards.

The GAB has now retreated from both proposals, although the Board will proceed with a vote this month that would provide an option for schools to issue two-year IDs acceptable for voter identification to students.


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