WI Planned Parenthood Challenges Medical Abortion Restrictions

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging a state law that would force doctors who perform medical abortions to face possible criminal charges. Wisconsin Act 217 went into effect in April of this year and required women seeking a medical abortion to visit the doctor three times before receiving the medication. Doctors administering the medication also had to prove that a woman was not being coerced into taking the medication.

Planned Parenthood filed a case to repeal the law in the federal U.S. District Court in Madison on the grounds that it is unconstitutional because it is so vague that doctors do not know what is necessary to comply with the law. The suit is against Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, Wisconsin district attorneys, and the state’s Medical Examining Board, all of whom are supposed to enforce the law.

Teri Huyck, President of Planned Parenthood of Wisonsin, told the LaCrosse Tribune, “We are in court to make sure decisions about pregnancy once again belong to a woman, her family and her faith, with the counsel of her doctor.” Since the law went into effect, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has halted dispensing the abortion pill.

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